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Your doctor's office delivered.

Our innovative approach combines the convenience of a video visit with the quality of an onsite visit. Relief nurses arrive with the latest equipment to run tests or evaluate you so your doctor can provide a comprehensive diagnosis.

How it works


Register a visit

Launch the Relief mobile app and register for a video visit with one of our Clinic Partners.


Provide insurance

Enter your insurance information, and Relief will automatically verify your coverage and check for copays and deductibles.  Relief will authorize your credit card for any fees and place you in a virtual waiting room.  


Video chat with doctor

After the doctor accepts the visit, your live video chat can begin. 


Nurse arrives at your location

During the live video chat, your doctor can dispatch a licensed nurse to your location to further evaluate you or run a test.


Doctor follows up

After the nurse reports the results, your doctor will message you with a treatment plan and a presciption. 

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DIsclaimer: Diagnosis made available through Relief Telemed, Inc. are provided by licensed healthcare providers practicing within a group of independently owned professional practices. These professional practices provide services via the Relief Telemed platform. Relief Telemed, Inc. does not itself redner any medical decision-making or determing a diagnosis.


Corporate Office:
7117 Florida Blvd
Baton Rouge, LA 70806


General Inquiries:
[email protected]
(225) 244-9839