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Your doctor will see you now.

Relief connects you with your preferred doctor or any clinic in our network for a quick and convenient video visit on your mobile device. 


Treatment for many common health issues

Over 75% of the issues treated in an office setting can be treated using Relief.  Stop wasting time in sick waiting rooms and start using your mobile device to get quality, convenient healthcare.   

Why Choose Relief

Save Time

No more wasting time making trips to and from the physician's office

Anywhere Access

Get a diagnosis or a prescription while you're at home or at the office


Trusted Providers

Conduct a video visit with a trusted medical provider in your community

Insurance Ready

Relief works with most major insurance plans or pay cash


Connect with any clinic in our network

Relief partners with providers in your local community so you can get convenient healthcare from medical providers you trust.  

How It Works

1. Launch App

Patient launches app and starts new visit

2. Enter Insurance

Patient can use their participating insurance plan or choose the cash pay option

3. Select Preferred Clinic

Patient can select a local clinic or be seen by the first available medical provider

4. Video Visit Routed to Clinic

Video visit is routed to the selected clinic and placed in a queuefor the provider to respond

4. Real-time Video Visit

Patient participates in a video visit with the provider in real-time, recieves a diagnosis, and a prescription 


Accepts Insurance

Relief accepts most major insurance plans.  Enter your insurance information and we'll automatically check for co-pays and deductibles. 

Get Started Today!

Download our app for your Apple or Android Device


Corporate Office:
7117 Florida Blvd
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Satellite Office:
19550 Vallco Pkwy
Cupertino, CA 95014


General Inquiries:
[email protected]

[email protected]

(225) 215-2463