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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We take health insurance and can process most major insurance carriers. If we cannot, our clinics offer an affordable cash pay option. 

Yes. Our platform can provide patients with electronic prescriptions through the SureScripts network. 

No. Currently, we only operatin in Louisiana, but are working on expanding our reach to all 50 states. Click here to be notified when we are in your area. 

Video visits are priced based on your co-pay with your insurance carrier. In the event that your insurance cannot be processed, most cash pay prices on our platform range from $49 to $69.

Yes. Video visits on the Relief platform are HIPAA-compliant and use the most secure encrytion standards to keep your data safe. FaceTime and Skype are not HIPAA-compliant and can run the risk of security breaches. 

Yes. Relief does not actually employ any medical providers; medical services are provided by existing medical clinics that are on our network. The medical providers on our platform are employed by these clinics and so are subject to the same rules, regulations, and standards of practice.  

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Corporate Office:
7117 Florida Blvd
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Satellite Office:
19550 Vallco Pkwy
Cupertino, CA 95014


General Inquiries:
[email protected]


[email protected]                    
(225) 215-2463